When I was using the HMC747 evaluation board, I found that as long as the D terminal of the HMC747 changes, the Q terminal changes immediately. There is no need to wait for the rising edge of the C terminal. I don't know what is going on? My DP port is connected to a 1KHZ square wave, the high level is 3.3V, the low level is 2V, and the DN port is suspended. My CP and CN ports are all left floating I just did an experiment and found that if I apply a low level to the CP terminal, the changes in the data on the D terminal will not pass through to the Q terminal, but this seems to violate the description in the HMC747 datasheet: D terminal data is transmitted on the rising edge. According to my experiments, this seems to be a level trigger rather than an edge trigger.


我的DP端口连接到1KHZ方波,高电平为3.3V,低电平为2V,并且DN端口已挂起。 我的CP和CN端口都悬空了