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Residual phase noise of HMC575 and HMC573

The datasheets of the HMC575 and HMC573 frequency doublers only give residual phase noise at 100 kHz offset. Can you perhaps provide a graph over a wider offset frequency range?


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  • Absolute Phase Noise Plots for HMC573 and HMC575.  These include the phase noise from the signal generator.  Signal generator was set to 4.5GHz.  Both parts phase noise at 9GHz.  If the input signal source is limitting the phase noise, the 9GHz output should be 20*log(M), where M=2 for the multiplication factor (6dB).    This looks to be the case.  So these plots let you know the HMC57x phase noise is better than these plots show.  Does this help?