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ADF5901 Rset voltage and Vreg


i am using ADF5901 for one of my project. I see from datasheet that the nominal voltage on Rset pin is 0.62V. However, when I measure it on my board I see 0V. 

Additionally, on VREG pin I measure 2V but the datasheet says 1.8V. Are these both some how connected ? Do you see any problem here?

i tried to set the MUXOUT pin to high and low level but there was no response.

my guess is since Rset is at 0V I don’t see any response. Could you please let me know what else could be going on and how can I debug further.



  • Hi Nik,

    The voltage at Rset will be 0V until the device is programmed.

    It sounds like there is an issue with your serial communications. What interface board are you using, and what is the configuration on your SPI lines (e.g. any pull up or series resistors)? Double check the timing diagram from the datasheet.

    Programming the muxout to high and low as you are already doing is the easiest way to verify you are programming the device correctly