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HMC554LC3B & HMC554ALC3B Comparison

We've used the original Hittite Mixer for several years and now it's gone obsolete some time ago and need to provide customer justification and suitability for Analog Devices as a drop-in replacement.

Can we please get a statement from ADI on the differences between these two parts? 

Need to address:

  1) Port to port isolation (LO to RF and LO to IF) which seem quite different.

  2)  AC-coupling vs original DC coupling-any concerns in application?

  3)  ESD sensitivity-Calss0 now vs original Class 1C

  4) 12 to 16 GHz performance differences.  New part datasheet makes head to head comparison difficult as not all spec's are described over original 12 to 16 GHz bandwidth.

Downloaded HMC554ALC3B s-parameters but also need HMC554LC3B in order to properly compare the two.

Where can I get HMC554LC3B s-parameters for the original Hittite Mixer?

Are there also s-parameters for the port  to port isolations?  I only see Conversion Loss (magnitude only) and Return Loss for the 3 ports.

  • Hi Jeff,

    The best document to compare the two devices is the datasheet. This is not a product change so there is no PCN available. The two parts are from different process. Performance is similar but not exactly the same. 

    Unfortunately we don't have Sparameter available for the older version and we only provide return loss and conversion loss for mixer products.