AD8307 as RF Demodulator to recover Audio from RF input


I need some help please. I am a Hobbyist with no engineering or math background and I like to build Receiver and Transceivers from projects I find in publications and on line, one I would like to build uses an AD8307 to recover audio from 0-18 MHz. It doesn’t list much details but I find the concept interesting if it can demodulate AM, SSB, CW signals and since I purchased more than 10 from mouser I’d really like to know how this works. I have not built the plans yet but if it works really well I will be happy. Also I’ve read other places it can also function as an IF Amp with AGC, if so can you help with that? I really need examples just not theory, and how high can this device function? I have several MC 1550 IF amps and plenty of circuits but that whole series is out of production.

My request may sound strange but I suffered severe Traumatic Brain injury in Combat so my math and theory skills are greatly reduced now, that’s why I’m seeking help.

i can include the schematics of a simple 0-18 MHz receiver if it would help.

Thank You,