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Synchronizing multiple ADF5901 chips


I am working on developing a system much like the EV-RADAR-MMIC2 development platform utilizing the ADF4159, ADF5901, and ADF5904. I was hoping to increase the number of TX and RX channels and create an N channel TX, N*2 channel RX system.

Is there a way that the 5901 chips can be synchronized? Would sharing the input reference signal and VTUNE between devices be sufficient? In this configuration I would use one of the 5901 chips as the feedback path for the ADF4159 as well as for the LO reference for all of the 5904 rx chips.

Let me know if you have any thoughts about this issue. Have you attempted this before?



  • Hi Evan,

    For the Rx channels it is possible to synchronize multiple ADF5904 chips as you have said by splitting the LO line from the ADF5901.

    Unfortunately for the Tx this is not straightforward and thus we do not support it. If two chips were to share the same reference etc. they still would not be synchronized due to inconsistencies introduced by things like using multiple separate VCOs.