ADL5566 to ADRF6780 interface

Dear Sir!

I need a dual differential buffer to raise the power of the dual DAC into the BB inputs of the ADRF6780. I identified ADL5566 as potential option.

Unfortunately the ADRF6780 recommended input termination is 100ohm differential and ADL5566 recommended output termination of ADL5566 is 200 ohm differential.

I'd like to keep the best linearity of ADL5566 so I'd like to keep 200ohm at the ADL5566 output. What is the performance penalty if one uses 200 ohm input resistors at ADRF6780 BB inputs?

By the way: there is no option to buy evaluation board of the ADL5566 on the ADL556 product webpage. What is the reason for that? Is it possible to order one anyway?



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