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ADL5910 device to device variation

Dear community,

I want to use a RF power detector IC in configuration with a directional coupler for a simple power amplifier VSWR protection circuit. My first choice is ADL5910 because of its simplicity, but I have a question regarding detectors in general. From ADL5910 datasheet, without calibration for a given VIN- (threshold) voltage, actual input power triggering latch can vary from device to device by quite a bit (±2.5 dB). I don't need precise measurement, but the 5 dB range could be too large. So my question is: is there a way to avoid calibration on every single IC? Maybe I should be looking for another one? For example: LTC5530 datasheet does not explicitly mention device-to-device variation (so I'm assuming that information is contained within "Vout (No RF Input)" Min-Typ-Max?). Or is this variation just an inherent part of the semiconductor process and for more precise thresholds a calibration is always required?

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