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ADF4153A Programming question


I had a question about how to program registers 2 and 3. The data sheet say "Data is clocked into the 24-bit shift register on each rising edge of CLK."

R0 and R1 are 24 bits long. Programming those two registers seems straight forward enough. Just clock in the 24 bits starting with the MSB. 

However, R2 and R3 are not 24 bits long. How should those be programmed? Using R2 as an example. R2 is only 16 bits long, so should i write 8 leading zeros and then the 16 bits pertaining to R2? Or can I simply load in the 16 bits and the chip will know to only use the last 16 bits of the 24 bit input register given the last two bits address R2?

Hope that makes sense

Thanks in advance


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