Our customer would like to know if the "HMC544 basicallys works like a CMOS switch, so when it is on there is a small “on” resistance between the two RF ports and when it is off there is a large resistance between these ports? Is it bi-directional? The data sheets says the loss is typically 0.25dB at low frequencies (DC-1GHz). So, in a 50 ohm system that translates to about a 3 ohm series impedance. Can I model the on state as 3 ohms with parasitic series L and parasitic parallel C? If so, can anyone tell me the value of the parasitics.

I know there is an S-parameter file, but we don’t have an RF simulator. Is there an LTSpice model for this part, even if it is way oversimplified. I only need DC to 60MHz."

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