SPDT RF switch with a default on. 0 - 3GHz.

Do you offer a SPDT RF switch with a default on when  no power connection to the chip? 

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  • In our application, the switch needs to be in a normally closed position when power is not applied to the chip.  This allows for the Modem to be disconnected and bypassed.  When power is applied the RF switch can then be connected to the Modem by flipping the switch to the NO position.  Typically these switches have a default on position.  Do you offer any FR switches with this characteristic?  

    Thank you Joe 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 8, 2020 7:36 PM in reply to Jlicata

    Hi Joe,

    Depending on how much isolation you need on the OFF state, the solid state switches (even in the intermediate state with no bias) may work for your application. One thing to note, our solid state switches cannot be operated at DC frequencies. The lower cutoff is typically 9kHz/100MHz.

    Alternatively, please look at the ADGM1004 or ADGM1304 to see if they work for you.