FAQ: Power up sequence for the HMC659LC5

Q: What is the power up sequence for the HMC659LC5?


The power-up bias sequence is as follows:

  1. Set VGG1 to −2 V
  2. Set VDD to 8 V
  3. Set VGG2 to 3 V
  4. Adjust VGG1 to achieve IDD for 300 mA  (VGG1 should be approx -0.8V)
  5. Turn on RF

The power-down sequence is as follows:

  1. Turn off RF
  2. Set VGG1 to -2V
  3. Set VGG2 to 0V
  4. Set VDD to 0V
  5. Set VGG1 to 0V

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