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ADL5513 10MHz


I was wondering if you have data similar to the one provided in the following post but for 10Mhz.

We would like to also know how the device is affected in temperature at this frequency.

some specs and graphs will help us a lot.

Thank you in advance


  • Hi a.g.,

    I could not locate a 10MHz response curve as requested. But be advised, the 1MHz and 100MHz response curves are quite similar for mid-range and high-end, except for the obvious inversion of the error curve. You notice the low-end sensitivity extends down 5dB better for 1MHz, so it's reasonable to assume 10 MHz low-end sensitivity will be somewhere in the middle, improved maybe 2 to 3 dB compared to 100 MHz response. I know this is not a good answer, but now we're getting close to the part-to-part variation as shown in datasheet Figure 6, so fairly small differences in low-end sensitivity may not hold from part-to-part.  

    You mention that accuracy across temperature is a goal. For this, the device has the TADJ feature. Consider testing 1 or more samples across temperature to find the best TADJ setting, as described in datasheet page 18. Hope that helps.