ADL5205 Output pins 3.3V?


My customer asked the following question on operating via SPI and what voltage is needed for output pins. I saw in the datasheet that SPI requires 3.3V, but he is operating the device from 5V supply.. Also, can you give me the design files, schematic, and BOM for the eval board?

"I have a technical question regarding the ADL5205. You can power the device from 3.3V or 5V, but apparently (if I understand the data sheet correctly) if you power it from 5V the digital input and output pins are still 3.3V. I’m not sure how they do this unless they have a 3.3V regulator on-board. Anyway, this is probably not a problem for the SPI port but I have to set the mode pins (MODE1 and MODE0) for the SPI mode. Based on what I’m seeing, I cannot simply strap a mode pin to the positive 5V supply. Can you confirm if this is indeed the case? If so, I’ll need to add a voltage divider."