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ADF4360-2 Temperature characteristics of output power


I would like to use ADF4360-2.

So, I have a question.

Please help me.


I am experimenting with the ADF4360-2 evaluation board.

Looking at the evaluation results, we found that the output power fluctuated significantly with temperature.
The temperature was changed between -40 ℃ and 125 ℃, but there was a fluctuation of 5.42dB (0.04dB / K).
The graphs that plot the results are shown below.

If this was a device spec,
Temperature characteristics are bad and do not meet our specifications.
However, since there is no characteristic graph in the datasheet, the comparison is not possible.

If the measurement method is bad (needs some ingenuity),
Please I want you to tell me.

Also, if the performance value of the device itself is better than the result of this experiment, please tell me the value.

Best Regards,