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Question about RSV15 and RSV24 in HMC1190A

The HMC1190A data sheet describes RSV15 and RSV24 as "Reserved. These pins are reserved for internal use; leave them floating."

But, on the EVB schematic, it is as follows.
1) RSV15: IF1EN => pull-down
2) RSV24: IF2EN => pull-down, pull-up jumper

The customer wants to use only IF1 but not IF2.

How should I handle RSV15 and RSV24?

Please answer the questions.

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  • Hello,

    Suggest leaving the reserved pins(Pin15,24) floating as Pin Description commented on datasheet. However, it will be okay to do schematic as shown on evb schematic just in case. It looks the board was designed for both internal use and customer evaluation board. 


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