HMC8191 NF and LO nulling

Hello ADI support.

For the HMC8191, I have  few questions:

1.  On page 3 of the data sheet, SSB NF is listed as 9 dB typical.  What is the maximum expected SSB NF at 10 GHz for IF=100 MHz, LO = +18 dBm, LSB selected? 

2.  Were any external filters used when the SSB NF was measured by ADI?  If so, please provide details. 

3.  On page 41 of the data sheet, the text and figure 149 talk about LO nulling.  What amount of LO nulling has ADI been able to achieve?

Thank you.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 27, 2020 10:21 PM 10 months ago


    1) The SSB NF would be equivalent or similar to the conversion loss provided that there are no LO harmonics from the LO signal and that the mixer LO is driven at +18dBm.

    2) We used a BPF on the LO amplifier to filter out the LO harmonics for the NF measurement.

    3) The LO nulling is limited by the resolution & noise of the power supply being used for the LO nulling.