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Pulsed power amplifier


We're looking for a GaN power amplifier that we can operate in pulsed mode at ~10W.

Is the HMC7885 suited for this? If so, how would we modulate the output? Ideally we'd like to generate short (10-100nS) pulses at a duty cycle of 10%.

Can you suggest other power amplifiers suited for pulsed operation at C band?



  • You can modulate the output by pulsing the drain voltage on and off or by pulsing the gate voltage. Some of ADI's RF amplifier evaluation boards include a pulser board that can be used to pulse the drain.

  • Hi and thank you,

    What is the switching time of the drain and the switching time of the gate (from ON to OFF and from OFF to ON)?

    What current and voltage are required to switch via the gate?

    Can you please refer me to the pulser board you've mentioned?



  • That is a difficult question to answer because it depends on a lot of variables such as the drive source and the amount of capacitance on the node being driven. In general, I would say that it's easier to pulse the gate because there is no a large current draw associated with gate pulsing compared to drain pulsing. Take a look at the datasheet for HMC8415LP6GE. There is a description of the pulsor board in there. The pulsor board ships with some GaN eval boards (for parts that are intended for pulsed operation).