AN-691 errata ???


I am a little confused about the low frequency description of the AD8302 in AN-691.
Figure 47 make sense, but in figures 50, 51, 54 and 56 the x axis is labeled PIN (dBm).
Should it not be dB ? (INPB fixed at -30dBm and INPA varying from -30dB to 30dB as in AD8302 datasheet)

Moreover, I have a question concerning the LF behavior of the AD8302.
I want to measure down to a few Hz if possible, and in order to optimize the Gain Conformance (minimizing the error...)
I'd like to adjust PINA and/or PINB.

So here my question: can we consider that both channels behaves as shown in figures 50 to 57 and
each input signals should have between 0 and 10 dB (not dBm) in order to minimize
the overal error or must it be the sum of both inputs.

Tks a lot for any reply