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Regarding trace width on RF Evaluation PCB 105706


rogers substrate is used in Evaluation PCB 105706.

I want to know the thickness of the rogers substrate used here and what was the trace width for 50-ohm impedance.

Also, can I get the part number of SMA connector used in this evaluation board?

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  • Hi, 

    The evaluation board gerber files are available on for all of our microwave frequency generation products. We typically use CPWG and a 16mil trace width and 13 mil gap on 10mil, RO4350B if soldermask will be applied over the trace. Please refer to the gerber files for additional details. 

    As far as the connector goes, any decent edge mount SMA connector will work. Connector type is based on the highest frequency that may be impact the application and therefore measured (ideally best to include at least out to the 3rd harmonic, 5th or 7th for certain applications).  Lots of information on the web on this, see etc.  

    Best Regards,