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Hi All,

I am planning to use the ADL5243 amplifier in DSAIN-AMP2OUT configuration in frequency ranging between 450MHz and 650MHz and a centre frequency of 500MHz and wish to get 23dbm output across these frequencies for a 50 ohm load. I want to implement this in Microstrip transmission line in FR4 ( as the frequency is not very high, i dont want to invest on cpw or rogers3003 material).

1. Can you please tell me if my implementation of microstrip transmission line is correct or does the IC warrant a high frequency design for such frequencies (should i build the PCB with rogers3003 or cpw)

2. Can you please tell me the matching network for DSAIN-AMP2OUT configuration for such frequencies. (please do specify components value and the location(distance) where it has to sit from the IC)

3. What is the cap driving capacitance of the amp2?

4. Can you suggest a good material where i can study thumb rules for high frequency PCB layout.

Please reply as soon as possible as my project is currently in the critical path. Thanks in advance

Thanks and Regards,

Nishanth A B