Hello again,

 I have question about PA_BIAS1,PA_BIAS2,PA_BIAS3,PA_BIAS4 Voltage settings. I could not adjust the voltage level PA_BIAS Gate voltage as -1.5 V. Datasheet says that you can adjust the  output voltage ranges from 0 to -4.8 Volt page 10 REV .A . I want to increase the output voltages periodically but I dont understand how I can control the ranges by using the registers which are from 0x046 to 0x047 or for transmit mode from 0x029 to 0x02A. For example, according to datasheet, to adjust the output of PA_BIAS1,it says that you need to write hex 60 into the 0x046 register to make -1.8V in receiver mode but I want to adjust -1.5V how can I adjust it.

 Thank you.

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