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Divider-by-3 duty cycle


I need to use a divider-by-3 device in my product.

It requires to output a signal with 50% D.C.

 Input is a 25-100MHz SE signal.

Output is a divided-by-3 differential signal.

 Can you confirm the following:

  1. HMC794LP3E
    Datasheet states “Duty Cycle for Differential Mode, +5 dBm Input Power: 50 ±3 %”.
    I need this confirmed specifically for a divided-by-3 setting, SE in, DIFF out.
  2. ADF4150 MUXOUT pin:
    Can the device produce a divided-by-3 signal on its MUXOUT pin with 50% D.C? (using the 10-BIT R COUNTER)

Thank you