Biasing of HMC504LC4B and HMC598

Good morning.

I'm working in a new system design. I intend to use the HMC504LC4B amplifier and the HMC981LP3E active bias controller. The problem is that the gate control voltage of the bias controller defaults to -2,5V and the amplifier's gate bias voltage range is from -2V to 0,3V. In the datasheets is suggested to contact Analog's support to workaround this issue. Obviously the amplifier is supported since it does appear in the supported amplifier list of the datasheet of the controller. What should be done?.

The second question is related to the biasing of the active multiplier HMC598 which I also want to use in the same design. Which is the correct way to bias it?. I intend to use two HMC981LP3E, one to bias the amplifier and the other the multiplier. But there is no information about the range of voltages for the gates in the datasheet and the current drawn of each component (only the total drawn of current). The idea is to enable first the amplifier and with the "trigout" signal then enable the multiplier but I' not sure if this scheme is going to work.

Thank you.