I have some question about ADAR1000 setting which is PA_ON. I could not understand the how we use the PA_ON. Also we are not control this one by using SPI interface. How PA_ON is done logic low or high.Can you illuminate this issu for me?

Thank you.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 2, 2019 8:02 PM 10 months ago

    Table 18 on page 37 is probably the most useful, as was mentioned above. 

    What the PA_ON pin does is it allows the user to bias down the external PAs while the ADAR1000 is still in transmit mode, as shown in the bottom two rows of Table 18.

    While in Transmit mode (TR pin pulled High):

    • Pull PA_ON High to set PA_BIASx pins to values in the EXT_PAx_BIAS_ON registers
    • Pull PA_ON Low to set PA_BIASx pins to values in the EXT_PAx_BIAS_OFF registers

    Note: the above assumes the user has set BIAS_CTRL and TR_SOURCE bits High, and TX_EN bit Low. 

  • We dont use the TR input ve will make the only transmitter mode or receiver mode seperately. Is TR input required to be High when we adjust the PA_ON?

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