Using HMC8193 as vector modulator

I need 2-8GHz quadrature modulator with DC IF. I think to use HMC8193 quadrature mixer as modulator (LO input as RFin and RF input as RFout of modulator). Is it possible to apply +10..+20 dBm (or equivalent DC voltage) to IF1 or IF2 input and get constant conversion loss from LO to RF in -30..+10 dBm power range? What approximate IP1dB level (by LO input) and LO-RF conversion loss (equal frequencies at DC IF) should I expect in this case?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 3, 2019 2:52 PM in reply to Aidar


    That might be true however we haven't tested it for this case. The intended use case for this part is as Single Sideband Upconverter or Image Reject Mixer, not as a IQ Modulator nor IQ demodulator. Theoretically the HMC8193 can do this but ADI has other parts optimized for this use case, possibly not for this frequency range which might be the reason to use the part in this use case.

    I would recommend ordering an eval board and testing the part in your use case.