Suggestions for +8V logic to drive HMC574AMS8E?


I would like to run the the HMC574AMS8E at Vdd=8V for the higher P0.1dB.  The HMC574AMS8E datasheet shows a schematic (pg. 6) where the Vdd of the HMC574A and the 74HC04 logic share the same +Vdd.  Note 2 (also pg. 6)  says:

"Control inputs A/B can be driven directly with CMOS logic (HC) with Vdd of +3 to +8 Volts applied to the CMOS logic gates and to pin 4 of the RF switch."

I'm having a lot of trouble finding any inverters with an absolute maximum for Vdd of more than 6 or 7 volts.  Two questions:

Q1) Can ADI suggest any?

Q2) Could I run the HMC574A at 8V and the inverters off say only +6V?



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