Is there any detailed information on this development board?




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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 20, 2019 9:54 PM 11 months ago

    Hi Peter,

    Unlike many other Analog Devices parts, there's no detailed User Guide for the HMC613 eval board. Datasheet pages 8 & 9 are intended to serve that purpose. 

    If you're looking for Gerber files or manufacturing info, please specify and we may be able to help. 

    Please note, HMC613 is easily damaged by ESD and other forms of electrical overstress. If the part or board is to be handled a lot, you might consider the HMC913, which has more robust ESD protection, but otherwise the same or similar response. 

  • Thankyou Bruce,

    Can I procure an Eval Board?  COST $$? Delivery ?  Previous Eval board I have bough via DigiKey

    Do you know if I can call a Australian Analog Agent -to discuss?

    Hope you can advise!



    PS have emailed -- " Lou   G "- think he is correct person?

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