ADMV1014 Footprint

Hey there ADI,

I have a question about the grounding pads for the ADMV1014 footprint. The gerbers provided with the users guide show 4 pads sort of centrally located in the part. Each of these pads appears to be roughly 55 x 55 mils and there is roughly 20 mils of spacing to the pins (see below).

There is a similar image in the datasheet (Figure 122), which suggests the same footprint design; however there are no dimensions. This footprint does NOT agree with the package dimensions in the very same datasheet (see below).

According to the datasheet, there are 16 ground pads, not 4. Also, these ground pads extend much closer to the outer edges of the package. Given the frequency range of this device, it is crucial that this footprint is correct. Should the footprint match the gerbers or the package drawing? And if the gerbers are correct, what is the reason for the difference? And can ADI provide an actual recommended land pattern with dimensions?