Where is the gain of the adf 5904?

the link gain of df5904 is not, in particular,

the sensitivity test is as follows:

1) the avdd current after the adf5904 is configured is about 170ma, is in accordance with the manual;

2) the local oscillation input power of the adf5904 is about -12dbm; the radio frequency channel rx1 _ rf input power is about -30dbm; and

3) the power of the test intermediate frequency signal is only -50 dbm; By increasing the rx _ rf input, the intermediate frequency output power is nearly linearly increased; the problem is that the manual gives a radio frequency-intermediate frequency conversion gain of 22 db not only and is less than 22db, why?

4)The manual request has been set for initialization, is it not because it is less than 4 db? Because the local oscillator is connected with the ADf5901 local oscillator output, there is no way to improve the test again.