AD8368 Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to maintain PAPR of 4.5dB


I have to implement an AGC circuit that can take inputs from -96dBm to 0dBm and give an output of -20dBm to -55dBm, while maintaining a PAPR of 4.5dB at a frequency of 350MHz and while maintaining linearity in whole chain. I have selected AD8368 and I am going to use two of these AGCs in series. If the input is -96dBm then I can set both AGCs at full gain and if the input level is 0dBm then I can set both AGCs in attenuation.

Can I perform the above mentioned operation with AD8368 ? How does the setpoint of AGC work in this application ? Can I get an application note which can help me in designing the circuit for my application ? If I can not perform this task with AD8368 then what are my options, or even if I can, is there a better option than this configuration ? I have ordered the evaluation kit to get practice before I start designing the circuit. Can I get a user guide or datasheet of evaluation board of AD8368 ?

Do let me know if you need information from me to better answer my question. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.