ADAR-1000EVALZ SPI Interface


I am trying to talk to the ADAR1000-EVALZ through a aardvark USB to SPI adapter.

I have successfully used the SDP board to talk to the ADAR1000-EVALZ and am trying to replicate that on the aardvark adapter.

Edit: I am unable to control the ADAR from the aardvark adapter. The gain plot being observed on a vna is not there compared to programming it with the SDP.

I am sending these commands over SPI: (TX_1)

00 00 81

00 00 18

04 00 55

00 38 60

00 2F 7F

00 36 16

00 37 06

00 31 42

00 1C FF

00 20 36

00 21 36

00 28 02

I am connected from the aardvark to connector P1:





Two GND connections

I have an oscilloscope connected to P2 to debug the SPI lines. I have confirmed that I am sending these at a bit rate of 500kHz, polarity is rising/falling, phase is sample/setup and bit order is MSB first. the SS is also active low.

I have looked at other relevant posts and tried anything suggested there but no avail...

Thank you in advance

Amending forgotten 0x2136 write command
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