hallo. Intrested use power detector out ,pin11.  Register 0x03, bit6 . To on detector this bit 0 are 1? By reset it 1. but on pin11 present 1.5 voltage and no changes by rf signal. Is it open collector out ? BR

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    on Nov 25, 2019 6:34 PM in reply to dim314


    The ADMV1014 does not operate when BB or IF>6 GHz. With LO of 6GHz and RF of 36GHz the BB/IF frequency is 12GHz.

    I took the data at RF=26GHz @ -30dBm, and LO=6GHz @ 0dBm (diiferential). 

    Here is the power out from an IF pin and the power out from IQ pin (there is no hybrid/ ac cap) installed. This is the direct power out from the pin. 

    -28 dBm-> IF pin, IF mode

    -54 dBm-> IQ pin, IF mode.

    -59 dBm-> IF pin , IQ mode

    -33 dBm-> IQ pin, IQ mode

    Also attached the simplified SPI log.

    -- Analog Devices, Inc. evaluation macro file
    ## Copyright (c) 2019 Analog Devices, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. This software is proprietary to Analog Devices, ##Inc. and its licensors.
    ## These code snippets are provided ‘as is’ with no warranties, guarantees of suitability, or acceptance of any ## ## liability, for their use.
    > @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA: @Reset(); [skip]
    >> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: @Reset(); [skip]
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x0, 0x4093); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x0, 0x08093); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x7, 0x0D808); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0xA, 0x2391); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x0, 0x0093); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0xB, 0x727C); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x0, 0x08093); 
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA: @DefaultView();
    > @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA: UI.NavigateToPath(Root::System.Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA); [
    UI.SelectTab(Root::System.Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.AD5601: Evaluation.Control.SetDecimalParameter(virtual-parameter-VCTRL_Voltage, 0, -1);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA: @Wizard();
    > @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.AD5601: @ApplySettings(); [skip]
    >> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.AD5601: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegisterMap(All, False, (), All, -1, False); [skip]
    UI.SelectTab(Root::System.Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: UI.NavigateToPath(Root::System.Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.SetBoolParameter(RegMap1.Enable.IF_AMP_PD, True, -1);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.SetBoolParameter(RegMap1.Enable.BB_AMP_PD, False, -1);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: @ApplySettings();
    > @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegisterMap(All, False, (), All, -1, False); [skip]
    >> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x3, 0x3857); [skip]