hallo. Intrested use power detector out ,pin11.  Register 0x03, bit6 . To on detector this bit 0 are 1? By reset it 1. but on pin11 present 1.5 voltage and no changes by rf signal. Is it open collector out ? BR

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    on Oct 28, 2019 2:41 PM over 1 year ago


    Bit 1 will turn on the detector. Depending on the RF input you will have to change the DET_PROG bits in reg 0x07 (bits 0:6) to notice a change based on the RF power input. Note the ranges presented in the SPI map are based of the power input to the detector and not the RF input into the part so you will have to refer to the OUTPUT DETECTOR PERFORMANCE section as well. 

    Are you using a CW signal?


  • Hi

    Is Voltage have presents on det out without rf power?

    On pdf bit 0x3,6 shown as 0 (page 24)


    Register 0x03, Bit 6 = 0, Register 0x03, Bits[13:12] set to 11, and TA = 25°C, unless otherwise noted"

     is it error in pdf?

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    on Nov 18, 2019 3:19 PM over 1 year ago in reply to dim314


    Pls provide a picture with the SPI lines labelled. I think I was able to deduce that one line is SCLK and another line was SDI but I do not know which one was SEN. If any of the other 2 lines that go low are SEN then I do not see it coming back up after the end of the SPI transaction. The SEN needs to come back up at the end of the SPI transaction to shift the data in.

    How do you verify that part switches to BB mode?


  • Hallo

    SPI send

    { 0x0B, 0x727C }, //VVA TEMP COMP
    { 0x03, 0x3857}, // DET EN BB3857 IF3157
    { 0x04, 0x570A }, // 5.4 - 8 LO
    { 0x07, 0xD802 }, // Det out -14 +2 dBm
    { 0x0A, 0x2391 },


    after CS gous low 1,25 mS to clock

    here pictured  { 0x03, 0x3857},   // DET EN BB3857   IF3157

    Do spi format is correct ?

    admv1014 after power up in IF mode, and not set BB mode, RF signal outs by IF pins.


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    on Nov 19, 2019 4:12 PM over 1 year ago in reply to dim314


    Thank you for providing the labelled SPI waveforms. I think the SPI is working correctly.

    In the write sequence could you add these 3 transactions?

    1) Toggle the RST pin (high, low, high)

    2) Write 0x4093 to reg 0x00 (soft reset)

    3) Write 0x0093 to reg 0x00 (making sure soft reset bit is clear, if you're using parity bit then write 0x8093 but then this bit has to be cleared when writing to reg 0x0B).

    Then complete the write sequence as you have shown above.

    What are the power levels from the IF ports and BB ports when the part is in IF mode and BB mode?

    When making these measurements please ensure that the VVA voltage is the same.

    Also pls 50 ohm terminate the unused ports when making these measurements.

    And let me know the RF and LO frequency that you are using so I can replicate it.


  • Hallo . Power level presents only on IF out, no swich to BB. 

    VVA connected to 1.8V

    VCTRL to ground

    all unused port terminated 50 ohm

    LO is 6 GHz, RF 36GHz

    Please send you dev board SPI log


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    on Nov 25, 2019 6:34 PM over 1 year ago in reply to dim314


    The ADMV1014 does not operate when BB or IF>6 GHz. With LO of 6GHz and RF of 36GHz the BB/IF frequency is 12GHz.

    I took the data at RF=26GHz @ -30dBm, and LO=6GHz @ 0dBm (diiferential). 

    Here is the power out from an IF pin and the power out from IQ pin (there is no hybrid/ ac cap) installed. This is the direct power out from the pin. 

    -28 dBm-> IF pin, IF mode

    -54 dBm-> IQ pin, IF mode.

    -59 dBm-> IF pin , IQ mode

    -33 dBm-> IQ pin, IQ mode

    Also attached the simplified SPI log.

    -- Analog Devices, Inc. evaluation macro file
    ## Copyright (c) 2019 Analog Devices, Inc.  All Rights Reserved. This software is proprietary to Analog Devices, ##Inc. and its licensors.
    ## These code snippets are provided ‘as is’ with no warranties, guarantees of suitability, or acceptance of any ## ## liability, for their use.
    > @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA: @Reset(); [skip]
    >> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: @Reset(); [skip]
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x0, 0x4093); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x0, 0x08093); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x7, 0x0D808); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0xA, 0x2391); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x0, 0x0093); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0xB, 0x727C); 
    >>> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x0, 0x08093); 
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA: @DefaultView();
    > @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA: UI.NavigateToPath(Root::System.Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA); [
    UI.SelectTab(Root::System.Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.AD5601: Evaluation.Control.SetDecimalParameter(virtual-parameter-VCTRL_Voltage, 0, -1);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA: @Wizard();
    > @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.AD5601: @ApplySettings(); [skip]
    >> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.AD5601: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegisterMap(All, False, (), All, -1, False); [skip]
    UI.SelectTab(Root::System.Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: UI.NavigateToPath(Root::System.Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.SetBoolParameter(RegMap1.Enable.IF_AMP_PD, True, -1);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.SetBoolParameter(RegMap1.Enable.BB_AMP_PD, False, -1);
    @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: @ApplySettings();
    > @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegisterMap(All, False, (), All, -1, False); [skip]
    >> @Subsystem_2.ADMV1014-045188 RevA.ADMV1014: Evaluation.Control.WriteRegister(0x3, 0x3857); [skip]

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 25, 2019 7:02 PM over 1 year ago in reply to mthahira

    One clarification, this is the direct power out from the IF/BB pin on the ADMV1014 Eval Board. All the powers listed were not deembedded for cable loss and eval board trace loss. The purpose was to show that there is power output from the BB pins when switched to BB mode.

  • halo

    I bought admv1014 eval board 045188 rev d

    I need output BB !!!!!! by I,Q outputs

    By ACE control programm I set BB out, but NO SIGNAL


    Pictures attached

    RF in 24.05 GHZ @ -2 dBm

    LO 6 GHZ @ +2 dBm

    IF OUT 50 MHz to scope

    It looks as dev board no controlled by ACE soft

    Please check pictures

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 14, 2020 2:30 PM over 1 year ago in reply to dim314

    I have addressed this question through an internal FAE email.