LO connection of ADMV1013 and ADF5610

Hi Experts:

We are in PCB layout stage and there are questions need your advise on ADMV1013+ADF5610 soon.

1. Routing issue: If we connect ADF5610 28Pin (PDIV_OUT)/27Pin(NDIV_OUT) to ADMV1013 38Pin(LOP)/37Pin(LON), we met a problem that the trace will crossover, for real connection may I connect P to N (PDIV_out connect to LON), N to P(NDIV_OUT connect to LOP) to prevent trace crossover?

2. About the reference layout of EV-ADF5610SD1Z Pin28 and Pin27,  there are some GND VIA between the two trace. I think its for EVB evaluate purpose.

If we design for end product, the two trace should be placed together without GND VIA between the two trace, directly connect to IC, am I right?

Sorry for my poor expression, please let me know if anything needs to clarify.



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