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How to simulate ADL5565 with ADS

Hello, I was having trouble simulating with the official file "ADL5565 S-parameters". I used SNP3 in ADS by inputting the file "ADL5565_5V_GAIN_6_deembed.s4p",

 but the result of the gain I got was 0dB which was supposed to be +6dB. I want to know how to use the official file with ADS. Thanks.

Best Regards.

  • Hello,

    The S-Parameters are taken on the 4 port device, so you'll need to use an "S4P" component in ADS to simulate.   The S4P will then link to the S-Parameter file from our website, and finally use a schematic similar to the attached pdf file.   I use an ideal transformer on the input and output to  go from single-ended to differential, along with the S-parameter "Termination" components at input and output for S-Parameter simulation into 50 ohms.   The transformer ratio's are the square-root of 2, to permit loading each port in 50 ohms.