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Application Circuit Required

I Need application circuit and recommend component list of  HMC789ST89E , ADL5320  for 950-1250 MHz band.

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  • Hi Abdul,

    I sent you email on 10/31  but I did not get any response.

    Did you get that email?



  •  Hi Ivan                                                                                                                                                                Yes dear i received your email on 10/31 of application circuit and i also told you i just add this device to my order list .Actually i ordered the device. Now i required your help regarding application circuit of  HMC1099LP5DE  for 950-1250MHz. Dear i also need your prompt response.                                           Best Regards:)                                                                                                                                                    Abdul

  • Hi Abdul,

    You have not replied to that email, at least I have not received it.

    Please reply.



  • Dear i replied you here. You also want to reply by email ?

  • Hello Dear that was the reply i sent you on 10/31 in the reply of your email. I replied you here not by email. 

    Hi Ivan  , Thank you so much for your prompt response and helping i am really impressed. I just added the ADL5320 device to my order list. Your efforts and results are amazing.  

    Dear i also need your help for HMC1099LP5DE GAN amplifier IC. Can i use it at maximum 1250Mhz  frequency because according to datasheet its frequency range up to 1.1GHz. However i did check the graphs of this amplifier and it looks like it will work fine at my frequency range which is upto 1250MHz frequency.  Also can you please recommend me a biasing circuit and application circuit for  HMC1099LP5DE at 950-1250Mhz band. It will be very helpful. You have been so helpful until now so i wanted to know your opinion on this too.Looking for your response.

    Best Regards:)