Propagation delay for HMC574A

Hi, I would like to use HMC574A.

So, I have a question. Please help me.


Can you tell me the propagation delay of the HMC574A?

I am trying to switch high frequency signals using the HMC574A.
The signal frequency is about DC to 30MHz, and the pulse wave(High side:5V) is input to HMC574A.

I would like to select whether to pass RF1 or RF2 with the control signal of pins 1 and 2 (A, B),

but I want to pass a pulse immediately after applying this control signal.

As a time, a pulse wave is applied within 200ns.

However, if a pulse wave is applied immediately after the control signal is applied,
The pulse signal attenuates (RF1 to RFC), and even if a 5V pulse wave is applied as shown below, it will attenuate to ~ 1V.

Is this due to the characteristics of HMC574A?
I think the propagation delay is suspicious, can you give me your opinion?

Best Regards,


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