The ADL5506 evaluation board dosen't work

Hi, I need your help.

I use a RF waveform generator (channal one) to provide DC singnal (2V) for the enable pin of the ADL5506 evaluation board, and use the same RF waveform generator (channal two) to provide RF singnal (sine, 50kHz, Vpp=5V) for the RF input pin of the ADL5506 evaluation board.

A DC source is used to provide DC power (3V) to the VPOS pin of the ADL5506 evaluation board.

The output value of the VLOG pin is checked by a RF oscilloscope, but there is no signal shown in the RF oscilloscope but noise signal.

Is there any mistake in my connection? 

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    on Oct 9, 2019 4:30 PM

    Hello XWang216,

    You have to increase the RF Input frequency because your input signal at 50kHz is too low for the detector.  The ADL5506 has working frequency range from 30MHz to 4.5GHz.

    Also, you may have to decrease the amplitude of your input signal. 5Vpp is too high.  The ADL5506 has an Absolute Maximum Rating for RF Input Power at 15dBm which is equivalent to 1.78V peak or 3.56V peak-to-peak in the 50Ω system.

    Hope these can help!