74HC04 Driver circuit in HMC424A 6-bit Attenuator Datasheet

74HC04 hex inverter (14-pin IC, Pin 14 - Vcc, Pin 7 - GND, Pins 1,3,5,7,8,10,12 - Input, Pins 2,4,6,9,11,13 - Inverted Output) is not performing as mentioned in HMC424A datasheet.

I have tested as follows

Pin 7 - -5V

Pin14 - 0V

Pin 1 - +V and 0V

Pin 2 - Expected output should be 0V and +V respectively but the output is -5V at both logics.

But in 74HC04 datasheet, device supports from -0.5V to +6V. Can it give same performance at -5V also?
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