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EV-ADF5355SD1Z EEProm contents

Hi Marty,

On 15th August 2016, you answered a question from Wave_X about how to program the eeprom that the ADI PLL programming GUI uses to believe it's connected to EV-ADF5355SD1Z:

  1. Download and install:
  2. Run the programmer.
  3. Connect SDP board to
    computer via USB. Connect PLL board to the SDP board.
  4. Copy the settings in the
    screenshot below and click Write File to EEPROM.
  5. You should get a 'Programming Successful' message. (Sometimes you have to click the button twice
    to get the message.)
  6. [Remove PLL board and replace with next board. Repeat 4 – 6. Don’t disconnect the SDP board or hit
    the reset button.]

I have tried to access but can't. Is it still available & if so, how do I access it.

Secondly, I could not see the screen shot of the settings that the EEPROM should be programmed to for this board. Can you send me the details please. 



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