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ADL5565 S-Parameters higher than 3GHz?

Dear all,

we are currently using the ADL5565 as a balun alternative from DC to 3GHz and would like to exand it to 6GHz or higher. Unfortunately, the provided S-Parameters file ends at 3GHz and looks somehow weird:

Thus, either the stated input resistance of 100 Ohm and 0.5 pF capacitance from the datasheet is completely wrong, or the S-Parameters are wrong. If you look at the datasheet of the ADL5569, the input should look more like what you expect of R || C:

Is there any chance to get S-Parameters of the ADL5565 higher than 3GHz?

Best regards,


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  • Hi Darrell,

    thanks for the explanation. The output impedance is clear to me, but not the stated 100 Ohm input (3.3V, 12dB). This seems to be only valid for f < 1GHz. However, I am interested in the input impedance up to 10 GHz for matching our active balun. So it seems that Analog has never characterized the ADL5565 higher than 3 GHz. Bad luck for me - measuring and deembedding always introduces the risk of uncertainty if not done properly...