ADAR1000 EVALZ General Questions


I have some general questions regarding ADAR100 EVALZ:

1. There is a  J1 and J2 connector  on the board. But there is no description about this connection in the data sheet...

     In the data sheet there is only J5 described....and this line is not on the board..

2. Is the Technology of ADAR a CW or pulsed signal?

3. Is it possible to use TX/RX at the same time? Or do you have to use only TX for example and terminate the RX channels? In this case I can use a horn antenna for a RX...

I would be very glad, if you can answer these questions.

Thanks in Advance...

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  • Hi

    I am trying to start the ADAR Software with my patch antenna...

    I followed all the steps from Page 7-10 (datasheet ADAR100= evalz) for enabling TX...Now I have a problem..

    1. this example is only for one TX channel, right? If I want to use the other channels, do I just have to take the same setting like for TX1?

    2. Furthermore I dont really understand how to run the software, because on page 13 "Quick Test Procedure" there is only the information to connect RF IO with a NWA....but I have to press a button on the GUI of the software or dont I?

    3. Where can I download the .txt files for the settings? I didnt find them...

    Thanks in Advance!