ADAR1000-EVALZ and SPI Driver

I am using the ADAR1000 Evaluation board and I am trying to write to the registers directly through the pins. I am using the SPI Driver from Excamera Labs with a Python script I am writting. I am not sure if I am connecting to the wrong pins or if I am writing to the registers improperly. I have the Eval Board hooked up to a Vector Network Analyzer for the operating frequencies from the datasheet. I have the SDP-S and the software that allows you to manually write to the registers, so I know what the VNA should be showing when all of the registers are correctly written to.

1) Which set of pins should I be connecting and writing through (i.e. P1 & P2, P3, P6)?

2) I made a python script that should load the same registers with the same content as the Tx1_MaxG_45.txt when used with Load and Write in the software. The script loads the registers like so: 0x00,0x81 then 0x00,0x00,0x18 then 0x04,0x00,0x55 ... ect. Are there any mistakes with this format?

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