Difference in PLL Loop filter design for LTC6948-1 using FracNWizard and ADIsimPLL


We are trying to design a PLL loop filter for PLL part: LTC6948-1 using your FracNWizard and ADIsimPLL tools.

But for the same loop filter components and charge pump values (5.6mA),  Both tools calculated Loop bandwidth (79.5KHz for ADIsimPLL & 94.4KHz for FracNWizard) differs.

Also by default the suggested components values are completely different b/w FracNWizard and ADIsimPLL tool output values.

I have attached both tool design files (With Ref noise data file) for same reference and output frequency conditions, Please check and suggest which tool output is accurate?

In ADIsimPLL there is a option to change each loop filter components to Practical available value whereas in FracNWizard that flexibility is not there.

Otherwise please suggest a best loop filter values for low phase noise requirement.



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