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ADL5243 Datasheet


I might be mistaking but in the Datasheet of the ADL5243 ( on page 26 ff. the values of the Resistor R12 are given in nH instead of Ohm. I was wondering what the correct values are. I assume it is indeed a Resistor as an Inductor would not make a lot a sense right there.

I would like to operate the Amp at 1 GHz therefore the "Matching Circuit at 943 MHz" is the one I am the most interested in.

Thanks in advance



  • Hi Axel,

    R12 is indeed a place-holder that varies depending on frequency desired.   At 943 Mhz it should be a 3.3 nH inductor for best matching.  At higher frequencies it becomes a zero ohm jumper, and finally at 3.6 Ghz it's a 1 nH inductor.   The values are given in table 8 on pg 25.