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Please tell us about one question about the HMC558A data sheet.

This is when the local frequency is 10G in Figure 29 of the data sheet.

At this time, the isolation characteristic between Lo and RF is 50 dB.

Therefore, -35dBm is output to RF.

However, I was confused when I checked the following table in datasheet P12.

When RF output is -18dBm including conversion loss under the above conditions.

When N × Lo is set to 1 and M × IF is set to 0, the table shows -1.4dBc.

Considering from Figure 29, I think that the value of -1.4dBc will be + 17dBc.

I couldn't understand where this difference occurred from the datasheet.

Please tell me know if there are differences between the two measurement conditions.

I'm sorry, thank you.