Enquiry HMC394LP4ETR


I am writing to enquire some data about the item of HMC394LP4ETR  ADI ! 

In order to faciliate the assessment of HMC394LP4ETR  ADI , would you mind to answer some questions if the specification datasheet was applicable to product HMC394LP4ETR !

Please kindly help with confirmation on the following questions :

If the product is digital integrated circuits based upon any compound semiconductor (e.g. GaAs) ?

Yes / No *

        If "Yes", please elaborate and answer (a) and (b) below.

a) Does it have an equivalent gate count of more than 3000 (2 input gates)

Yes / No *   ---   If "Yes", please provide details:

) Does it have a toggle frequency exceeding 1.2 GHz

Yes / No *  ---   If "Yes", please specify the frequency:

(*Please answer as appropriate)

We are looking forward for your returns soon. Thank you for your attention!


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