HMC8415LP6GE amplitude of "pulsed logic signal"

We're planning to measure HMC8415LP6GE using pulsor board EV1HMC8415LP6G.
There is the following description on page 20 of the data sheet.
"With a pulsed logic signal applied to Pulsor J1-PULSE and 28V applied to Pulsor J1-VDD, a pulsed voltage between 0V (for PULSE=logic low) and VDD=28V (for PULSE=logic high) becomes available at Pulsor J2-VDD_PULSE and Pulsor J3-VDD_PULSE and, therefore, at the drains of the device under test(DUT)."
(1) Could you inform us the amplitude of "a pulsed logic signal applied to Pulsor J1-PULSE"?
(2) We will generate logic signal on FPGA-board and it's output amplitude is 3.3V/0V.
      Could you inform us if there is a simple amplitude conversion method with your products?
Best regards,