ADMV1014 bypass capacitor

Hi, guys,

I am reading the datasheet for ADMV1014 and the datasheet for ADMV1014 Evaluation module, I get some contradicting info about the bypassing caps. Just make sure here.

In both ADMV1014 datasheet and the schematic for ADMV1014 evaluation module, the bypass capacitor for power supply is 100pf, 0.01uF and 10uF. but in evaluation module datasheet, the section of listing the all the parts, it shows very different values (I guess the guy who made the value here confuses about conversion between uF to nF to pF), I will attach a screen shot of this.

So, from my judgement I should go with 100pf with 0402 package, 0.01uF with 0402 package, and 10uF with 0603 package. Am I right on the value and package size?

Also, any recommendation on the ferrite bead inductor going together with the capacitor for power line noise filtering?

Thanks a lot,